We are delighted you are viewing our website. In the pages of the website we introduce you to all things Olive Branch: our community church, academy and outreach.


In all that we do, we seek to be helpful. We do this by creating safe spaces for people to find in each other's company, 'answers of peace.' By answers of peace (Genesis 41:16 KJV) we mean 'the wisdom of God for the circumstances of life': knowledge and insightful actions that enable us to be resourceful, especially in difficult times, and to act on the circumstances of life in ways that are empowering and helpful. We are supremely motivated in the work we do and in the support we provide by this single statement: "We want you and others through you to know better days; we want you well and doing well (Genesis 12:2).


We hope the information in this website gives you a sense of who we are and how we seek to be helpful. Should you have questions, or wish to discuss any matter further, please contact us here  


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