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Olive Branch Outreach is the social action branch of Olive Branch Bradford.  With the support of Olive Branch Community Church, and in partnership with local community organisations, our Projects reach out to the community of Bradford in ways they experience as practical, enabling and helpful. We do what we do because "we want you and others through you to know better days; we want you well and doing well."  


On this page are projects of Olive Branch Outreach:  

Make Lunch @ BD5

Olive Branch Bradford is a registered Make Lunch provider with childrens charity TLG. 


For info about Make Lunch @ BD5, click the button.

Tactics @ BD5

Utilising football themes from our Tactics e-learning series, and the European size sports facility, and changing rooms within the grounds of our office, Tactics @ BD5 creates safe spaces for participants to develop their personal skills in ways that support mental and physical health. 


For upcoming Tactics groups, click the button.

The Olive Project @ BD5

The Olive Project is a skills-for-life-and-health education enterprise that develops the personal, social, health and citizenship skills of children, young people, adults and families through bespoke educational projects.


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Parent Talk @ BD5

Parent Talk supports the positive influence parents can have on the life outcomes and futures of their children.


Parent Talk @BD5 includes workshops on influential parenting, skills for a bright future, anger, anxiety, loss and transition, behaviour management, motivation, self-confidence, parent-child conflicts, and adolescence.


For upcoming Parent Talk workshops, click the button.


Youth Mental Health First Aid courses are for everyone who works with, lives with or supports young people aged 8-18. Our courses teach the skills and confidence to spot the signs of mental health issues in a young person, to offer first aid, and how to guide them towards the support they need.  


Through our accredited trainers, Olive Branch Outreach offers up to 2 days training in youth mental health.


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