Tony Bryce

Tony Bryce, BA (Hons), MA, Dip.SW, AASW, PGCE, is lead Pastor to Olive Branch Community Church; the lead Pastor-Teacher at Olive Branch Academy Online; the Managing Director of Olive Branch Bradford Ltd, and the founding Director of the Optimum Living Education (Olive) Project Ltd. 


Tony has worked in education and social care settings with children, young people, adults and family groups since 1989, and is a former Advanced Practitioner, Nurturing Futures Trainer and Child and Family Guidance Team Leader within an Educational Psychology Service.  Presently, Tony works as a Children's Social Care Team Manager in addition to leadership of Olive Branch Community Church. 


Developer of numerous innovative optimum living education products and concepts including, the venture education resource, Principles of Creation©, (2004); Nurturing Futures, Supporting Your Child's Emotional Health and Resilience, (2007); Tactics - Wisdom from the Beautiful Game© (2013) and Fitted and Furnished: the House God Built© (2014), Tony is regarded as an insightful and creative bible teacher and life skills trainer and coach who emphasises the practical use of knowledge from God's two books: the book of nature and the book of scripture, for whole-person spiritual growth, and for understanding and handling the issues of life. 


As early as 1984, Tony served in a range of local church ministries, primarily in the field of Bible teaching and Christian education. In 1987, to satisfy his passion for in-depth study of scripture, Tony began undergraduate studies in Bible and Theology, completing with distinction several semesters in Bible, Theology and Ministry. Tony's first experience of local church leadership came in his mid-30's, when he and his wife Dee served within the leadership team of an 850-member church.


On Saturday 11th August 2012, with hands laid on them, Tony and his wife Dee were released into pastoral ministry, with the blessing of their former Pastor and other ministers of the Gospel.


Above all, Tony is a follower of Jesus, a student of life, a doer of scripture, a husband of one and a father of two. 

Dee Bryce

Dee, a sought after women's mentor, author and workshop facilitator, is co-pastor to Olive Branch Community Church and a Founding Director of Olive Branch Bradford Ltd. With a lead role in the operational aspects of the ministry of Olive Branch Community Church, and a facilitator of Olive Branch Academy Online, Dee is also founder and director of Flourish Women, Olive Branch's local women's ministry with an international reach. 


Founded in the Autumn of 2012, Flourish Women hosts and organises spiritually, socially and emotionally rich events and learning experiences for women to further their personal growth, and to find in the company of other women, the wisdom of God for the circumstances of life.  From prayer breakfasts, to conferences, enterprise days, coffee mornings, fundraisers, spa retreats, and Flourish MentoringDee's passion is to enable women to express their God-breathed gifts and abilities, and to see them living well and being fruitful. 


Dee has authored two devotionals for women "Roses & Thorns" Vol 1 & 2. Dee has a wealth of experience in people management and career coaching, and is respected for her wisdom and insight. A Business management graduate, and qualified guidance practitioner, Dee currently heads up the Grants and Corporate Partnership division for an award-winning national Christian charity. 


Married in 1993, Tony and Dee have two sons, Joseph & Jayden.



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