Olive Branch Community Church

Olive Branch Community Church, "OB" as we are affectionately known, is the name of our Bradford-based faith community. At OB, the Worship of Jesus Christ, the teaching of His Way, and Christian fellowship, are 'Wells of Salvation'. Through these channels of God-breathed inspiration, encouragement, and support, we strengthen our spiritual values, find wisdom for the paths of life, and experience the support and good company of others.


Located in BD5, and with a vision to be carriers of living waters to thirsty people and lands, our faith community provides safe: high support, high challenge spaces for people to further their personal spiritual growth, and to find in His presence, and in fellowship with others, the wisdom of God for the circumstances of life. 

Our faith community extends to you an invitation to become active in the life, and work, of Olive Branch Community Church. A warm welcome awaits! We especially want to introduce those who attend our Sunday morning meetings to our spiritual leader, and supreme teacher, Jesus Christ, and to a flourishing life of faith in His Way. 


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