The Optimum Living Education (Olive) House Model©, OHM for short, is based on Proverbs 24:3-4: 'by the wisdom of our Maker, the clay vessel that houses our soul is fashioned; by His superior understanding the whole house functions intelligently, and through knowledge of how we function at best, the interior rooms of our tri-partite construction are adorned with every precious and beautiful fixtures and fittings: God-breathed and God-fashioned developmental needs, potential and capabilities.'  



Developed by Pastor Tony Bryce in 2014, the Olive House Model©, draws on God's two books; the wisdom literature of scripture and the book of nature: a corpus of science-supported knowledge of how we are fearfully and wonderfully made. The model provides an accessible framework for understanding the God-shaped needs and the God-breathed resources of the soul that will enable you to live well and be fruitful.


Through a series of Masterclass workshops, we also explore these God-shaped needs and God-breathed resources - precious and beautiful instalments and design work based on the wisdom of the Architect, for the whole person - for adorning each of our rooms.


The rooms of our lives include: 1) the spiritual, 2) the vocational, 3) the mental/intellectual, 4) the volitional, 5) the emotional, 6) the social, 7) the psychological, 8) the physical, 9) the playful, 10) the financial / material. 


For more information about the Olive House Model©, email Relator and Property Developer, Tony Bryce:


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