Dee Bryce, a sought after women's mentor and workshop facilitator, is co-pastor to Olive Branch Community Church and founder and director of Flourish, our ministry to women. Founded in the Autumn of 2012. Flourish hosts and organises spiritually, socially and emotionally rich events and learning experiences for women to further their personal growth and to find in the company of other women the wisdom of God for the circumstances of life.


From prayer breakfasts, conferences, enterprise days, coffee mornings, fundraisers and spa retreats, Dee's passion is to enable women to express their God-breathed gifts and abilities, and to see them living well and being fruitful. 


With the recent addition of Flourish Mentoring, Dee shares her widely-sought after wisdom and insight with women 1-to-1, supporting them with the spiritual, vocational, relational, financial and more personal aspects of their lives towards a flourishing life.


For further information about Flourish Mentoring, email flourish@olive-branch.org.uk



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