Developed by Tony Bryce in 2013, TACTICS, Wisdom from the ‘Beautiful Game’, is an optimum living education programme that draws on football analogies and the wisdom literature of scripture to explore the game of life:


tactical approaches to life's set-pieces; 'fair play' principles; winning ways; personal effectiveness methods, and leadership and management skills. These game-changing ideas enable participants to set themselves up for maximum impact on the game of life and to make the best of their time on the spinning ball we live on.


TACTICS is delivered in a variety of ways and to different audiences; accordingly, levels 1-3 is open to men and women, and to people of all faiths and none. Tactics provides safe spaces to work on, at and through game-changing ideas through high support, 'high challenge' interactions with like-minded others. Supported by social media and video-conferencing tools, each recruit begins with levels 1-3, the training element of the TACTICS programme. The training element is a high tempo taught programme that takes participants through a series of exercises designed to improve their fitness and raise their game. 


For information about how to sign up, or to request an away fixture, email: tactics@olive-branch.org.uk


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