Olive Branch Academy is the teaching and learning branch of Olive Branch Bradford. Utilising classroom-based learning and web-based video conferencing tools, Olive Branch Academy draws on God's two books: the book of scripture and the book of nature, to provide a well-rounded, science-informed education on the God-breathed needs and resources of the soul for living well and being fruitful. The curriculum for 2020/21 consists of revised and expanded material from two of our most popular optimum living education training programmes:



TACTICS - Wisdom from the Beautiful Game, developed by Tony Bryce (2013)



Fitted and Furnished, The Olive House Model (OHM), developed by Tony Bryce (2014) 



For information about these, and other optimum living education (olive) webinars, and how to participate, email: office@olive-branch.org.uk 


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