Olive Branch Academy is the teaching and learning branch of Olive Branch Bradford. 


Utilising classroom-based learning and social media and video conferencing tools, Olive Branch Academy draws on God's two books: the book of scripture and the book of nature, to provide a well-rounded, science-informed education on the God-breathed needs and resources of the soul for living well and being fruitful. Supported by Associate Pastor-Teachers, the curriculum for 2020/21 consists of revised and expanded material from Tony's most popular optimum living education training programmes:



  • Principles of Creation, Manifesting Your Finest and Best (PC01)


  • TACTICS - Wisdom from the Beautiful Game, setting yourself up for the game of your life (OTM02)


  • Fitted and Furnished, the Olive House Model,  the God-breathed needs and resources of the soul for living well and being fruitful (OHM03)


  • Nurturing Futures, Supporting Your Child's Emotional Health and Resilience (NF04)



Tony Bryce, BA (Hons), MA, Dip.SW, PGCE, is lead Pastor to Olive Branch Community Church, the lead Pastor-Teacher at Olive Branch Academy, the Founding Director of Olive Branch Bradford Ltd and the Managing Director of the Optimum Living Education (Olive) Project Ltd. Developer of numerous innovative optimum living education programmes and concepts, Tony is an insightful and creative bible teacher and life skills trainer who emphasises the practical use of knowledge for personal spiritual growth and for understanding and handling the issues of life. 


Tony has worked in education and social care settings with children, young people, adults and family groups since 1989, and is a former Advanced Practitioner, Nurturing Futures Trainer and Child and Family Guidance Team Leader within an Educational Psychology Service. Presently, Tony works as an Adoption Manager alongside leadership of Olive Branch Community Church. 


For information about these, and other optimum living education (olive) webinars, and how to participate, email: office@olive-branch.org.uk 


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