Tactics Coaching

Join Tony Bryce, Programme Creator and Master Tactics Coach, virtually, as he draws on wisdom from the beautiful game, content from all eight levels of the Tactics programme and his OTM Game Management System, to support you one on one with your life management system, your line up for the game of your life.


OTM Game Management Coaching will help you level up the 11 positions of your game; to make progress; deal with internal, self-limiting opposition; halt the progress of what you don’t want; regain your advantage; recover from set backs, convert your chances, protect what you have gained and achieve the results you want. It will help you make the most of your time on the ball. Participation in Tactics Game Management Coaching (OTM07), includes the e-book, Concepts from the Coach, the Beautiful Game of Life (OTM08).


If you are ready to take mastery over the game of your life, click here.

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