Developed by Tony Bryce in 2013Tactics, Wisdom from the ‘Beautiful Game’, is an optimum living education e-learning series that draws on football analogies, the OTM Game Management System, and the wisdom literature of scripture to explore the beautiful game of life:


tactical approaches to the challenges and set pieces of life; 'fair play' principles; winning ways; personal effectiveness methods, and leadership and management skills: game-changing ideas that enable participants to set themselves up for optimum impact on the game of life, to convert their life chances, and obtain desirable results.


The Tactics e-learning series is delivered in a variety of ways, including virtually and in person, via prerecorded and live webinars, and to different audiences. Levels 1-8 is open to men and women, and to people of all faiths and none, Notwithstanding, level 6 has a distinct Christian faith ethos. Tactics provides safe spaces to work on, at and through game-changing ideas through high support, 'high challenge' interactions with like-minded others. 


Supported by social media and video-conferencing tools, each recruit begins at level 1 (OTM01) and works their way up to level 8, the highest level (OTM08), if this is their goal. Tactics is a high tempo taught programme that takes participants through a series of mental exercises designed to improve their fitness and raise their game. 


NB: if football and the wise sayings of scripture are not your thing, this will not be a barrier to your engagement in the Tactics Series, as the principal thing under investigation is the life management skill they illustrate. For information click here


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