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Developed by Pastor Tony Bryce in 2014, Fitted & Furnished, the House God Built, draws on God's two books; the book of scripture and the book of nature: a corpus of science-supported knowledge of how we are fearfully and wonderfully made. Fitted & Furnished, is an accessible framework for understanding the God-shaped needs, and the God-breathed resources of  human beings for living well and being fruitful


In addition to our webinar + ebook introduction to the Olive House Model (OHM01), which includes a 360 degree virtual tour of the House God Built, Fitted & Furnished also includes 3 hours personal coaching with God's 'property developers', Pastors Tony and Dee Bryce, as they safely take you on a guided tour around the rooms of your life (OHM07). To top it all, Fitted and Furnished live Masterclass webinars (OHM02) provide expert ideas for furnishing each of your rooms - enhancing what is already beautiful about you - exquisite features from the mind, image, finger and breath of God  for the whole person, that require you to think, feel, speak and act in ways that nurture their beauty and potential. 


The rooms of the Olive House Model (OHM) include: 1) the spiritual, 2) the vocational, 3) the mental/intellectual, 4) the volitional, 5) the emotional, 6) the social, 7) the psychological, 8) the physical, 9) the playful, 10) the financial / material. 


For a virtual tour of Fitted & Furnished, the House God Built (OHM01), click here

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