Olive e-webinars are engaging virtual learning experiences delivered in real time. Our e-webinars go beyond the wow factor of inspirational thought and motivational mantras; they provide tools to get the job done and pathways to your next step. They are an education.




Substantially revised and updated, our featured e-webinars for 2021 are:


  • Tactics - Wisdom from the Beautiful Game, set yourself up for the game of your life (OTM01) Click here.


  • Fitted and Furnished, the house God built: God-installed resources for living well and being fruitful (OHM01) Click here.


Unedited audio-visual recordings of live webinars may also be available. Please contact us here to enquire about their availabilty. Automated e-webinars are in development and will be available from August 2021.

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