Olive Branch Academy Online

Olive Branch Academy Online is the teaching and learning branch of Olive Branch Bradford.


The Academy draws on God's two books: the book of scripture and the book of nature, to provide a well-rounded, science-supported education on the God-breathed needs and resources of the soul for living well and being fruitful; life transforming wisdom for living resourcefully - the wisdom of God for the circumstances of life.  

Below are the featured e-webinars for 2021/22


  • Tactics - Wisdom from the Beautiful Game, set yourself up for the game of your life (OTM01)


  • Fitted & Furnished, the house God built: God-installed resources for living well and being fruitful (OHM01)


Click here for a bio on Tony Bryce, Olive Branch Academy's lead Pastor-Teacher. Click here to enter the Olive Branch Academy Online Store. 


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