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Olive Branch


“Lord, you are like the dew of Israel to us - while we are at rest in you the moisture of your gentle, unassuming presence rests upon, refreshes and covers everything concerning us. 


Because of the dew of your presence we are growing as the lily - we are seeing rapid, luxuriant growth and beautiful and colourful fruit in the lives of the people who dwell under our shade.


We are sending down our roots into the bedrock of your Word and into the underground Wells of Holy Spirit, for your Word and Holy Spirit provide our strength, nurture the growth of our fruits and the reach and influence of our branches and cause our Cedars to flourish. Planted in your house we are flourishing in your courts (Psalms 92:13).


We see the people who dwell under our shade growing as the corn - first the blade, then the ear, then the full corn in the ear (Mark 4:28). We see them becoming fruitful as the vine. 


Father, as testimony to your husbandry, the work of Holy Spirit and our abiding in the Vine, make our lives and this ministry like the wines of Lebanon – renowned, fragrant and for your pleasure. The branch of your planting, the work of your hand, for the display of your splendor." (Isaiah 60:21)


Hosea 14:5-7

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