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Developed by Tony Bryce in 2013, TACTICS, Wisdom from the ‘Beautiful Game’, is an optimum living education programme that draws on football analogies and the wisdom literature of scripture to explore the game of life: tactical approaches to the set-pieces of life; fair play principles and winning ways; personal effectiveness methodologies and techniques and leadership and management strategies. These empowering, game-changing strategies and ideas enable participants to set themselves up for the game of thier lives and to optimise their time on the ball - the spinning ball we call Planet Earth.


TACTICS uses football metaphors like Paul the Apostle used imagery from athletics and Jesus used agricultural themes and language in His Parable of the Sower. In the Parable of the Sower Jesus made wisdom and truth accessible to all, regardless of their experience of agricultural life; TACTICS does the same with themes from the beautiful game! TACTICS is delivered in a variety of ways and to different audiences; accordingly, levels 1-3 is open to people of all faiths and none.


Utilising the discipleship model of Jesus, which involved a band of disciples in regular fellowship, the TACTICS programme signs up, gathers, trains, equips programme participants for life and leadership. Those who complete the five awards of the TACTICS programme get to participate as programme facilitators. The five discrete awards/levels of the TACTICS Programme cover personal effectiveness (level 1); leadership development (levels 2-3) and the Train the Trainers Pastor-Teacher award (levels 4-5).


Engagement in the full TACTICS programme (levels 1-5) involves:


  • training (time together socially and in small group discussion - space to work on, at and through some things (levels 1-3);


  • one-to-one discourse, online-assignments, access to audio-visual resources; a weekend retreat/conference and hands on involvement in the faculty of Olive Branch Academy (levels 4-5).

levels 1 -3: training 

Supported by social media, each recruit begins with the training element of the TACTICS programme (levels 1-3).


The training element is open to all, is a high tempo taught programme that takes participants through a series of wisdom themes.



Sessions typically involve:


1) Team Talk from the TACTICS Coach – introduction to the wisdom theme (an idea, tactic, strategy or skill); 2) Kicking around the Ideas between us - exploratory group discussion about the wisdom theme; 3) Personal Skills Application - short individual exercises that require participants to apply the wisdom theme from the session to themselves and a situation.



1) Be open minded - You may not be conversant with the wisdom literature of scripture and football may not be your thing; at levels 1-3 neither of these features of the TACTICS Programme should be a barrier to you as the skill is the principal thing. 2) Get Your own Game On -  come mentally ready to participate and willing to work on your own fitness and game.


3) Get in! - Participate, ask questions, share your experiences and views, do the exercises. 4) Adhere to Time Boundaries – commit to punctual starts and restarts after breaks. 5) Be Supportive of Your Team Mates - support their participation, work as a team and challenge fairly.


6) Complete the training programme -  stay involved until the final whistle. 7) Incorporate the skills and ideas – from training intentionally over the next 90 days as you engage in the game of life.

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