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"We are delighted that you are viewing our website. In the pages of the website we introduce you to:


Olive Branch, our Christian fellowship; to Olive Branch Academy 2020, our optimum living education (olive) programme for 2020, to OB News and Events and to good to know info about Olive Branch Bradford. 


In all that we do, we seek to enable those who come under our shade to find in the company of others, 'answers of peace' - the Wisdom of God for the circumstances of life. By answers of peace (Genesis 41:16 KJV) we mean knowledge and practical insights for life and living that enable us to understand the times, seasons and circumstances of our lives and to act with insight and discernment and in ways that are empowering and helpful.


We want you and others through you to know better days; we want you well and doing well (Genesis 12:2). We especially want to introduce you to the Wisdom of God and to the Prince of Peace - Jesus Christ, and to a flourishing life of faith in His Gospel." 

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